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Simpson Ahuevo - Méxtasis Ft. La Royale

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About the song: a nice mix between disco-funk and hip-hop.

About the album: Good rimes, good vibes, all sincere. 

About Simpson: A “vato” from Hermosillo Sonora that lives and raps in Mexico City. 

Album: Chilo Times


Cool Songs: a la sorda, se libre, gracias al dj, manos de anillo, emcees.

Download it HERE. 

Download: VA - Gildas Kitsune Club Night Mix #3 (2012)


Download HERE.


01. Plastic Plates - Things I Didn’t Know I Loved (feat. Simon Lord) [Bufi Remix]
02. Saint Lucia - September (Punks Jump Up Funhouse Mix)
03. Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone (BeatauCue Remix)
04. Citizens! - True Romance (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night Remix)
05. Nteibint - Time
06. Christian S - The Power of Now
07. Punks Jump Up x Dubka - Future Is Now
08. Logo - Give Mo Luv (feat. eLBee BaD) [Boston Bun Remix]
09. Hey Today! - Guru Guro
10. A-Trak - Say Whoa (Alex Gopher Edit)
11. Alex Gopher - Hello Inc. (feat. Saint Michel) [DJ Falcon Parallel Remix]
12. Fake Blood - Yes/No
13. Solidisco - Hey Everybody
14. Crookers - Bowser
15. Dombrance - The Witch (feat. Sourya)
16. Two Door Cinema Club - Sun (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night Remix)
17. Lifelike - Don’t Stop (feat. A-Trak) [Gigamesh Remix]
18. Major Lazer - Get Free (feat. Amber Coffman) 
19. Gildas Kitsuné Club Night Mix #3 (Continuous Mix) 43:15 

Anyone? :) 

Pharrell - Stay With Me (MustThrow Chill Fix) 

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2 Chainz, Common, Cyhi The Prynce, D’Banj, Kid Cudi, Pusha T & Raekwon - The Morning

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About the song:Hard and solid base, and a lot of verses. Niggas to the top please.

About the album: I thought it would be better, but with clique and Mercy I’m ok. 

Album: Cruel Summer

Cool Songs:Mercy, Clique, Bliss, Don’t Like.

Video: Mercy

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Minus The Bear - Cold Company

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About the song:Powerful, rhythmic, solid drums, melodic guitar riffs, just pure alternativo rock.  

About the album: Better than the last one, they are back to basics.

Album: Infinity Overhead

Cool songs:Steel and blood, Toska, Heaven is a ghost town, empty party rooms. 

Download the album HERE

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Millionyoung - Mien

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About the song:Delayed voices, sexy mood, interstellar atmospheres and sounds that get into your spine and make you feel comfortable. 

About the album:ChillWave taken to another level.


Cool songs:Clorophyll, Hammock, Youthless, Pilfer.


Download the album HERE

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Yeasayer - Devil and the Deed

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About the song:I like the beats, the catchy chorus and the fact that you can sing to it.

About the album: The good thing about the album is that it has new electronic sounds applied into progressive songs and many cool effects in voices and instruments.The bad is that it can turn boring after a few times of listening to it.

Album: Fragant World

Cool songs:Longevity, Reagan’s Skeleton, Demond Road, Damaged goods.

Download the album HERE

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The Vaccines - I Always Knew

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About the Song: It’s like a song of hope or something, I like it.

About the album:They sound happier, and more British than ever…

Album:The Vaccines Come Of Age

Cool songs:All in vane, Aftershave Ocean, I wish i was a girl, Lonely World.

Video:Teenage icon , no hope

Download the album HERE

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Cat Power - Ruin

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About the song: Progressive, catchy chorus, and that hypnotizing voice…

Album: Sun

Cool songs: ruin, cherokee, manhattan, silent machine, nothing but time.

Video: Ruin

Download the album HERE