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Chromeo - Something Good

Album: White Women

Cool Songs: Come alive, Lost on the way home, hard to say no.

Videos: Come Alive, Jealous

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Sebastien Tellier - Ma Calypso

Album: L`aventura

Cool Songs: Love, L’adulte, Ricky l’adolescent, L’enfant vert. 

Videos: Aller Vers Le Soleil, L`adulte

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Die Antwoord - Girl I Want 2 Eat U

Album: Donker Mag 

Cool Songs: Cookie Thumper!, Strunk, Rap Trap 666, I Don’t Dwank, Moon Love. 

Videos: cookie thumper!, Pitbull Terrier

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Katerine - Le Trouvère de Verdi

Album: Magnum

Cool Songs: Sexy Cool, Effemine, Patouseul, Amiami, ADN, Imbecil Heureux.

Videos: Patouseul, sexy cool, Le dicateurs, Imbecil Heureux, sensibles, ADN, Amiami

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Kasabian - Bow

Album: 48:13

Cool Songs: Stevie, Treat, Glass, Explodes, Clouds, S.P.S.

Video: eez - eh

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Lykke li - Gunshot

Album: I Never Learn

Cool Songs: no rest for the wicked, never gonna love again, heart of steel, Just like a dream.

Video: No rest for the wicked.

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Kaiser Chiefs - One More Last Song.

Album: Education, education, education & war.

Cool songs: misery company, meanwhile up in heaven, coming home, roses.

Videos: Meanwhile up in heave, coming home.

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The Black Keys - Bullet in the brain

Album: Turn Blue

Cool Songs: weight of love, turn blue, fever, waiting on words & lovers.

Video: Fever

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Damon Albarn - The Selfish Giant

Album: Everyday Robots

Videos: Everyday Robots, Lonely Press Play, Mr Tembo.

Cool Songs: Everyday Robots, Lonely Press Play. Mr 

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Hercules and the love affair - Liberty Ft. John Grant

Album: The Feast of the Broken Heart.

Cool Songs: Do You Feel The Same, I Try To Talk To You, My Offence, That’s Not Me, To Freedom. 

Video: I try to talk to you.