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Beck - Morning.

Album: Morning Phase

Cool songs: Say Goodbye, Unforgiven, Country Down. 

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Work Drugs - The good in the goodbye

Album: Insurgents

Cool Songs: Time, Heaven or farewell, Jackie Kennedy.

Video: The good in goodbye.

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Future Islands - Doves

Album: Singles

Cool songs: Seasons, Fall From Grace, A Dream of You and Me.

Video: Seasons (Waiting for you).

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Metronomy - The Upsetter

Album: Love Letters

Cool songs: Month of Sundays, The Most Immaculate haircut, Reservoir. 

Videos: Love Letter, Aquarium

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Phantogram - Fall in love

Album: Voices

Cool songs: Nothing But Trouble, Bad Dreams, I don’t Blame you, My Only Friend.

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Snoopzilla & Dam-Funk - Leti It Go

Album: 7 Days of Funk

Cool Songs: Do My Thang, I’ll Be There For You, Faden Away.

Videos: Do My Thang, Faden Away

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Who Made Who - Traces

Album: Dreams

Cool Songs: Dreams, Your Better Self

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Rick Ross - Supreme

Album: Mastermind

Cool Songs: Nobody, In Vein, Sanctified, Paradise Lost.

Video: War ready, nobody, no games.

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Com Truise - Declination Ft. Joel Ford

Album: Wave 1 EP

Cool Songs: Wasat, Miserere Mei, wave 1.

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Ginger Ninja - All Forgotten

Album: Excess Space

Cool Songs: Williamsburg, one plus one, boxer in the dark, secret places.