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Die Antwoord - Girl I Want 2 Eat U

Album: Donker Mag 

Cool Songs: Cookie Thumper!, Strunk, Rap Trap 666, I Don’t Dwank, Moon Love. 

Videos: cookie thumper!, Pitbull Terrier

Die Antwoord - Cookie Thumper

Die Antwoord-Fatty Boom Boom 

Die Antwoord - Baby’s on fire

Yo landi <3

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Die Antwoord - Hey Sexy

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About the song:The different beat structure on this song plus the catchy chorus made it the best song in the album (for me)

About the album:It’s a very well done album compared to their last production. the only thing i did not like was the fact that some songs have dubstep influences . Im getting sick of dubstep 

Album: Ten$ion

Cool songs: I fink you freeky , baby’s on fire , fuk julie naaiers, never le nkemise 2.

Videos: i fink you freeky , fuk julie naaiers.

download the album HERE 

Die Antwoord - I Fink You Freeky 

FOK JULLE NAAIERS from Die Antwoord on Vimeo.

Die Antwoord-Fuk Julle Naaiers  (New Video)

Die Antwoord - Rich Bitch(new video)

She’s sexy :C